Tension in Enugu as Fulani herdsmen invade Umuchigbo Nike


UGWUORIE, NIKE ENUGU- A fight erupted on  On Monday morning (18-4-2016) between Fulani herdsmen and the people of Nike Enugu.

It happened that a Fulani man had stabbed an Igbo man for asking him why he was grazing on his farmland  and the man raised an alarm. People ran towards him  and he narrated his ordeal and pointed to the direction the Fulani man had taken  flight.

Some of the young boys and middle aged men ran towards the direction of the supposed fleeing man while some ran to the place inhabited by the Fulani men  and beat them brutally,  burnt their houses, destroyed their foodstuffs and killed three of their Cows. As they were about to distribute the killed cows, SARS arrived and everyone fled.

The security level is low, two people have been killed in Amo-orji Nike by armed Fulani men.The police  has said and done nothing about this apart from patrolling round the vicinity in the morning hours. In the night the Fulani’s do their own patrolling armed.

“We no longer have freedom  of movement nor are we secured. I sincerely hope this information gets to the right hands and treated  as ought to.” Residents told Enzyhub.com

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