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Woman who has been blind for over 20 years regains sight after a fall


For more than two decades, Mary Ann Franco has been blind after a car accident in 1995 damaged her spine and left her unable to see.
But after having a fall at her home in South Florida and injuring her neck, she had an operation to alleviate pain in her arm and back. It also somehow corrected her vision.

She said: “In the mornings, I get up, and I look out here and the sun is coming through the trees, and the beams [are] coming down.

“Oh, God, it’s so wonderful to see.”

Experts believe that Mary Ann’s car accident may have partially blocked or kinked an artery in her spine, which caused her to go blind.

Dr John Afshar, the neurosurgeon who operated on her, said the recent surgery may have remedied this.

“I’ve never seen it, never heard of it,” he said.
“When we give that extra amount of blood flow by unkinking the vessel, it could have re-established the blood flow, but this is all theoretical.”

Mrs Franco, 70, puts her newfound eyesight down to a miracle and says she is simply overjoyed at seeing her loved ones again after 21 years.
Not only did Mrs Franco regain her sight, she also says she was colour blind before her accident and that has changed too.

I believe it’s simply a miracle!!


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