Spain about to take over the world Internet crime (419)

Spanish  Internet  crime
According to a report from Spanish news, in Spain has increased by 60 per cent in 4 years

The Spanish head of the Policía Nacional, Ignacio Cosidó the internet crime has increased by 60% since 2012, He also reports that in response more and more police resources are being devoted to combating “cyber-crime”.

Speaking at the start of a cyber-crime-fighting course in Zamora last Friday, Sr Cosidó explained that new technologies are particularly susceptible to being used for fraud, but that at the same time internet crimes still only account for approximately 2% of all those reported in this country.

Over the last four years the police have made over six thousand investigations into internet crime, arresting 2,000 people in relation to them, and many of those which make it into the national press concern instances of people who make abusive comments or exalt terrorism on social network sites, apparently in the belief that they are somehow immune from punishment if they indulge in unacceptable behavior online.

Sr Cosidó reports that the Spanish police’s technologies unit is one of the best in the world, and that this country has one of the best records in combating crimes against minors on the internet, but laments the fact that so few crimes are actually reported by the victims.

Surveys suggest that three out of four people believe that they have been the victims of harassment of threats on the internet, including many schoolchildren who have suffered cyber-bullying, and the police boss urges those concerned to report any abuse to the authorities.


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