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SHOCKING STORY: How One Smart Man Robbed a Luxurious Bus from Lagos to Onitsha

Luxurious bus travlers

Shocking story of how a young man single handedly robbed a fully loaded luxurious bus coming from Lagos to Onitsha.

The smart thief robbed the passenger by giving them the impression that his partners named X,Y,Z are also in the bus by instructing them on what to do tothe passengers should anyone try to challenge or not cooperate with him.

Kelechi Kenneth Igwoko, One of the victims robbed in the bus narrates how the whole incident happened:

“Yesterday on our way to Onitsha from Lagos in a luxury-bus, a well dressed ugly looking young man stood up and pulled a gun out of his pocket and shouted “keep quiet everyone, face down, close your eyes and remain where you are” Then we were along the highway in the Benin bushes. There was silence throughout.

“The man continued “X, take cover, Y, shoot if you see any funny movement, Z, don’t leave your duty post at all. I panicked to the point of urinating on my pant but. The next thing I remember foot steps of the man.

“Then a tap came on my back and handed over my wallet containing my ID cards, ATM cards and some mony. The operation lasted for about 30 minutes after which the man shouted on the driver to stop.

“With one corner of my eye, I saw the man gently leave the bus with his exploit, asking X, Y and Z to remain in the bus ’till the next junction. Until we reached Onitsha Central Police Station, no one came out of the bus and we realized we had been robbed by one man.

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“We are still in police custody trying to resolve questions such: can an entire luxury bus be robbed by one man? Who were X, Y and Z?.”



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