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See shocking campaign poster of 4-year-old boy running for President (Photos)

4 year old biy running for president

The campaign poster of a 4-year-old running for President has got many Nigerians talking on social media.

The shocking campaign poster was of a little boy, Agbo Prosper Agbo who was vying for the president of his school graduation party was spotted in Anambra State.

Here is how it works according few details we could get.

1. A select number of pupils were picked (Not sure if it was on the basis of their academic performance or randomly cos their parents are known to be up and doing, or maybe you had to indicate interest to be picked) to represent each party in Nigeria. PDP, APGA,APC, APP, etc‎.

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2. These posters were ‘unbelievably’ made by the school authorities as a campaign strategy “to attract better attention”.

3. The Parents, along with their friends and well-wishers have to make donations and the candidate that raises the highest ‘booty’ wins the election.‎

The winner child is only President on graduation day. He doesn’t get a scholarship, he doesn’t get any special fees deduction or waivers.


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