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@alibabagcfr Different strokes different folks!
alibaba message
“That’s an undeniable fact. 2006, at a show in Sheraton. Guys were gisting. One guy came back very angry. Kilode? “Is it not that Flat chested banker babe that I was trying to manage because of her fine face.. that is embarrassing her father.” That was all the information a guy from Canada, needed to hear.

“Where is she?” 5 months later, I Mceed the wedding of the Canadian and the banker. The Canadian guy didn’t like boobs. He preferred 36A SEF. However, he also wanted other things. His ideal woman must be one that didn’t take nonsense, has a job, well brought up, sexy and beautiful. One man’s meat is another’s poison. What works for you may not work for me. You may not like distant relationships, yet, that’s all some crave. You like LEPA, others prefer fullness of joy.

I met a guy, who works in a stock brokering firm. He was into Omo alata, bread hawkers, orange sellers… He even likes them dirty. Meanwhile there are some guys, if she is not prim and proper, forget it. Nails, hair, dentition, make up, clothes… All must be according to the constitution. I had chatted a lady once, (in the early 90s ooo, Eyin AIYE) &she told me she could not date any man that is not 30+yrs older than her. I let her be. She later married one. 10 years later she became a widow.

You see, while some would want to marry a young person so they grow old together, some are in it till death do them apart. If you are 30 &he is 70, it’s sure. Some ladies can tolerate broke bloke. Others can’t. You meet a lady dating this old man with protruding stomach. The type that he can’t see his shoes, talk less of his coat of Amu, sorry, arms (this autocorrect will not kill me) Some insist on six packs.

I know a guy who can’t date intelligent babes. The dumber the sexier. Some of us are Sapiosexual. No apologies. Because we like to gist &chat. I don’t want to say a word then wait for you to process it & put it in the context of our conversation before replying & it goes on. That’s why we have these issues in communications. Different wavelengths. Some can take cheating. We know it’s wrong. Others will castrate him. Some can be 3rd wife. Others no fit be side chick..”


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