[PHOTO] See what this woman was caught doing with her dog

A woman in California captured video of another motorist walking her dog by holding its leash out of the car while driving down on a road.
Animal abuse
Amanda Brajkovich captured the video showing part of her confrontation with a motorist she encountered on a Stockton street holding onto her dog’s leash while the canine was walking next to the car.

The video shows Brajkovich ask the woman why she’s using the unusual dog walking method, and the driver defends the practice, saying the dog wasn’t being dragged.

Brajkovich’s video shows the motorist speed up, forcing the dog to run along beside the car to avoid being dragged.

“First thought was ‘oh my god this dog is going to get hurt’ you know, maybe a car’s going to go past him and hit him,” Brajkovich told KTXL-TV .

“You’re going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog you know, don’t be lazy.”


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