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Man Under Fire On twitter for Saying His 7-Month-Old Baby Broke his Granfather’s Idol Hand in Shrine

There has been drama on Twitter after Rogers Yakubu, a twitter user twitted a tale or would i say story of how a 7-month-old baby mistakenly crawled to his grandfather’s shrine and broke one hand of his god thereby making his grandfather to give his life to Christ since his idol god couldn’t save himself from the little baby then it’s not worth worshipping.

“My grandpa has been an idol worshipper for 47 years until he gave his life to Christ last year. Reason being his grandchild, 7months old, mistakenly crawls to his shrine and broke one hand of the god. My grandpa said a god that can’t even save himself is not worth worshipping.”

There has been mixed reactions from people ever since the twit surfaced, with some attacking Christians while some rejoiced and congratulated the old grandpa .



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