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Man caught on CCTV pooing inside supermarket, then did this after (pix)

A man was caught on CCTV roaming around in a supermarket shoplifting goods which he stashed in his backpack then later poo inside supermarket and wipe his bum with tissue he picked up from the shelf.

man caught

After he had cleaned himself, He threw the tissue beneath the racks of merchanise and helped himself to some liquid soap for his hands.

The video was uploaded by a social media user Leonid S in Tyumen, south-central Russia, the video shows the man shake his shorts in the aisle so that two pieces of faeces fall out and land on the floor.
He walks off to find the tissue aisle, then gets into the pose shown above.

Fan blast and call Korede Bello “a minior” (pics)

Some customers complained to the shop attendant about the man’s smell but workers decided not to approach him and called the police instead.By the time officers arrived, the man had escaped.
Police now want to find the man, who is likely to face catch-all charges of hooliganism.



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