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#IStandWithNigeria: I have been locked out of my Media Office

A media personnel lamented how Nigeria security Operatives locked him out of his office because of the ongoing nation wide protest against the hardship and corruption in the Nigeria.

“I have been locked out of my Media Office which is at SWAN Secretariat, inside the National Stadium, Surulere Lagos, the proposed venue for the ONE VOICE March. There are riot police men everywhere, heavily armed. Yes my daily routine of working out before resuming for the day at the office is denied because I can’t gain access. I actually gave someone an appointment today, and from the look of things, that transaction will suffer along.”

“How ever, I want to use this medium to remind you all that, it is a sign that Tubaba’s voice is already heard. Who’s gonna speak up next? Yes speaking up is always controversial, but its the only way to be heard. Like I said, voices comes in different intellectual sounds. If you have any kind of skill, then you have a special one.”

“We all saw the call off video by 2face. Some of us who are psychological enough can tell what really happened, at least what it look like.”

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“Bob Marley said, how long shall they kill our prophets…” Yes, musical prophets and activists has always emerged, and the government has always tried to shut them up in a brutal way. We already know what happened to Bob. Tupac saw no changes and was framed up in a gang star fight while the government was the real gang star that can explain his murder. To smoothen the operation, Biggie had to go down too. *Sigh*…..

I hope these men in uniform give way soon so that I can access my place of mental calculation and begin my day properly. Tubaba said he is no longer coming to stand at the stadium, so why are the ekehs still standing here… Like I said earlier, the voice has been heard and we can’t keep quite any more… Its ONE VOICE NIGERIA, and #IstandWithTubaba #IstandWithNigeria ~ @treeze3ze



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