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How to Impress Your Lover in Bed

It is up to a man to approach a woman sexually. It is a man’s duty as a man to know what to do, where, when, and for how long. Of course, there’s no single recipe for all men to impress their women in bed. But there are many sex tricks to impress your girlfriend. Read the following guide from casanovastyle to know how to impress a girl in bed.


Confidence is the key when it comes to sexual intercourse. Perhaps, nothing else can hurt your chances so much as shyness or diffidence. Therefore, always be confident and pretend you know what you’re doing even if you don’t. Some people call it “fake it till you make it”. Nobody asks you to be a macho, a terminator or a prince charming. Just be yourself. But under any circumstances don’t be nervous, shy or indecisive. It alienates women and shows that a man can’t handle what he’s up to.


Being overconfident can also hurt you. So, you should be moderately confident and not as confident as you can get. Don’t fall for the extremes. Try keeping a delicate balance between ruthlessness and gentleness. Being gentle is just as important as being confident. Being only confident can represent you in a bad way because mistakes are also made with confidence. So, be smooth in your approach, don’t make any sudden moves, tell nice things, and comfort your woman allowing her to express herself as well.



Sexual intercourse requires everybody to be original because everybody has his own turn-ons. There are different things that encourage us. Your tastes and preferences should be fulfilled. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment and do something creative. Sexual intercourse is, in many ways, an art. Approach it accordingly. Be diverse in your approach. This won’t allow your woman to get bored. It will also distinguish you from all other men who just follow cliché algorithms.


There are no certain sex styles to impress a woman. There’s really no such thing as sex style. Everybody has his or her own style but all styles are more or less alike. Any truly individual style that fits you is a good style because it is sincere. There’s no point in pretending because you cannot fool your body or your partner. So, make your sex style diverse. Try having sex at different time of day, do it at different places, change positions, include foreplay, use toys, and come up with something interesting. Diversity in sex is very effective. Being original, creative, and diverse will surely get you far in your sexual endeavors.

“Dirty Talk”

Here’s a spicy tip for you: have dirty talks with your woman. Sexologists say that it may significantly increase the levels of sexual attraction. A sexual conversation that is a part of foreplay is sometimes referred to as a “dirty talk”. It is the way for you to express your fantasies and reveal your unconscious desires. It is also much fun. People who know how to talk dirty for fun surely know how to impress a girl in sex. First you do it verbally and then physically. Consider it a wordy prelude.

Set and Setting

A lot depends on set and setting, not just your approach. However, you should plan set and setting ahead as a part of your approach. Choose some relaxing music. Light the candles. Buy your woman exotic underwear or a pair of lingerie. Consider doing striptease and/or massage. All this works perfectly well to present you as a lover with experience, both romantic and careful in his approach.

Well, now you know effective on how to impress a lady in bed. Whatever you do, stay confident and never get nervous. Forget about shyness in any form. Prepare beforehand buying candles and exotic underwear for your girlfriend. Finally, be original and gentle. Good luck!



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