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Iceland president rejected VIP seat and sat with regular supporters

Iceland president

The Newly elected Icelandic President Gudni Johannesson was among the 8 per cent of Iceland’s total population in attendance at the European championship quarter-final match against France on Sunday.

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The 48-year- old historian renounced VIP card and celebrity Loge to stands with 10,000 Iceland fans in the stadium.

Iceland president

He told CNN on Wednesday, that he would sit in the stands with regular fans.
“Why would I go in the VIP room and sip champagne when I can do that anywhere in the world?” Johannesson said, smiling. “No, I will be in the stands with the fans and I will wear my Iceland shirt. And with respect to the French team – it should not underestimate us.”

Iceland president

The fact that Iceland subsequently went down to a 5-2 against France changes nothing. They will return home as heroes, having changed the perception of not just their footballing ability but also of their entire nation in the space of three short weeks.

Iceland president

Can your presidepresident do such for your country?


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