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How to Run Multiple Accounts Of Any App on Android

Parallel space, the app that will allow you to sign in two different accounts simultaneously on a single Android device without rooting

Make Multiple Accounts on WhatsApp: Parallel space is the most Trending app for today’s generation. It is highly approved and has been rated good. It works for both androids, IOS as well as windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10).

Parallel space, the app that will allow you to sign in two different accounts simultaneously on a single Android device without rooting.

Parallel space, as itself, is the word suggest allows you to work parallelly on various media on a single screen. It enhances your work efficiency and makes you work a bit faster without switching to other devices to log in your account.

Install parallel space into your device rather it be windows or your Android app. It does not require rooting, it will ask for 2mb space. It does not require any private information or permission, permission is generally asked for running apps inside parallel space. It’s a user-friendly app which let you customize it in your own way and your comfort. Parallel Space is also available for PC.

How can I install Multiple WhatsApp account in parallel space?

  • Start the downloading procedure in just a few easy steps. Download PARALLEL SPACE App into your Android device from google play store.
  • After downloading it, when you will open the app you will see a “plus”(‘+’) icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • After clicking on plus sign, you will find WhatsApp add it to your screen.
  • Now start up with your WhatsApp, by filling up the required information.
  • Now you will see that you have installed two WhatsApp accounts into your device.
  • You can easily handle to WhatsApp at a time now. Swipe at very left of your screen at the bottom, switch to another app and that’s all switch and swipe rather logging or logging off.
  • Update your parallel space app to link your contacts. Now you can permit parallel space to get access to your contacts. It does not disclose your data. It’s a user-friendly software.
  • Still, if you are getting any problem accessing your contacts you can just go to parallel space settings and accept the permission for reading your contacts.
  • Now when you have exercised the above steps it will make it easier to use. So your newly installed WhatsApp will get contacts.

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You might find the above steps difficult at once but you can surely achieve your target may be slowly but definitely. All the above-mentioned points are written step by step you have to operate your device simultaneously by the help of the steps and you will get the desired results.

This content has been written to ease out your problem, that is “ how to access over multiple WhatsApp accounts in parallel space” and it explains in easy terms if you find it helpful and worthy then hit like and comment your suggestion.



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