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How to keep your motivation

How you should do to stay motivated when learning English

How to keep your motivation

The power of motivation

People all over the world are talking and writing papers about motivation. Each of us knows from the own experience that the motivation is a powerful thing. Only motivated people become successful. The truth is that without motivation we would not be able to achieve our goals, to live through our failures, and to solve the problems we face. Motivation strengthens us, makes us more endure, and keeps us afloat even in the tough situation. It nudges people to grow, to improve and develop themselves. It is like an engine in our lives. That is why it is so important to stay motivated all the time.

English and motivation

Have you ever been in the situation when you stopped learning English because of the lack of the motivation? I am sure that the answer is “yes”. Even if you had it before, you could lose it easily somewhere in the middle of your way. Subsequently, if you faced some problem with studying or difficulty with your essay writing, it was so easy to quit your studying. The problem is that if you stop studying for a long term it will take too much strength to come back to it. Moreover, without practice, your knowledge is prone to fade. You have to review everything first to be able to continue. To prevent such situation, make sure that you are motivated enough. Take care of your motivation to keep it up to date continuously.

How to stay motivated?

It is extremely important to be inspired when learning English. If you are motivated, you study better and more obstinate. So, how to inspire yourself to keep going and perfect your skills? Even though every person has its own ways to stay inspired, there are three very practical recommendations that can help everyone.

The first tip claims that you should choose the appropriate sources to practice with. You will be more involved in the learning process if you have the studying material that inspires you. The casual textbooks mainly focus on the language, the rules, and the vocabulary. When you study with that, you do not understand the advantages English gives you. You perceive it like the thing you have to learn. However, the truth is that English can be a multifunctional tool in your hands. Read the books, the news, the writing thesis, watch the movies, series, and TV shows, listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, find a native speaking friend. English will open the world to you if you allow it.


The next piece of advice says that you need to set a clear goal. If you see the mark, you always know where to go. Howsoever, the goal has to be as clear as possible and inspiring. Try to avoid blurred, unattainable, and unreal goals. Use the SMART approach when setting it: the goal has to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed. For example, “I will travel to London in five months”, “I want to watch Broadway opera in six months” or even “I want to read American news every day”. At the same time, do not set the goals that are too easy to be reached. They have to be challenging.

Finally, the last recommendation is that you have to use your English skills to help other people. For example, you can provide writing help at some essay writing services , or become a speaking partner for someone who also learns English. Moreover, you can find the mates by interest and share your knowledge or experience with them.

Choose the goal that keeps you motivated and you will succeed in learning English.



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