How to get Rid of Procrastination and Become Productive

How to get rid of procrastination and become productive

how to stop Procrastination and Become Productive

Are you familiar with this sinking feeling when you think of all the things you’ve done during the day… and it turns out you’ve done absolutely nothing useful? Sure, if there are no important tasks on your hands, you are a lucky person. But the problem is, most often this happens when you have loads of things to do, like looming deadlines for your paper writing and a billion of smaller tasks waiting to be completed.

Don’t fret; there is a way to make things better. Let’s talk about how you can stop wasting your time and start being more productive.

Sometimes it seems that a human mind is a lazy and self-centered thing obsessed with indulging itself. All it needs is satisfying its immediate wants and straining itself as little as possible. Fortunately or not, every morning you have to get up, do chores, work on your thesis for research writing, spend energy… who would like that? That’s where the issue of procrastination comes from: doing whatever you can to avoid doing what you must. Do you have to work on an urgent project? But you haven’t watched all the cat videos yet! No work until you look through all the funny memes and drink ten cups of tea. Your mind may tell you it’s a good idea at the moment, but later you will definitely regret it, looking at that pile of unfinished tasks and assignments. So what is there you can do to avoid this?

  1. Restrict yourself

Yes, that’s right. If you do want to get that piece of informative writing done properly and on time, give no quarter to yourself. Set clear restrictions that will not allow any digressions. Practice writing them down if you absolutely have to: “1 p.m.: start to work on my paper.”, “this and this has to be done by 4 p.m.”. This means that you must start working at 1 p.m. and not a minute later, even if your cat begs for your attention.

  1. Don’t wait for inspiration

If you insist on waiting for your inspiration to come, you may wait for a very long time. It won’t come unless you actually do something. Just get to work! Even if you don’t really want to, even if your lazy mind protests strongly, even in spite of existence of social networks and phone apps. Just get up and get going! Afterwards you’ll be glad you started working on those topics for research paper in time.

  1. Try different methods

For example, imagine that the task you dislike so much is an ugly slippery frog, and you must swallow it. Swallow your frog before treating yourself to a cherry pie. Every time before you do something nice and interesting, spare some time for something tedious but necessary.

Give yourself small rewards for completing complex and boring projects.

  1. Praise yourself

Did you spend half an hour without getting distracted? That’s really great, good for you! It’s definitely a proof of the fact that time doesn’t control you; you control it! Can you do it again, for another half an hour? Of course you can, get to work!

  1. Share your achievements with others

Have you successfully completed a large and important part of your work? Tell others about it – your family, your friends, your classmates. Tell them how you achieved this within the time you were given and what helped you. Feel yourself like a time-management genius.

  1. Don’t stop

One of the most common mistakes that procrastination fighters make is getting too happy too early. Stay focused until you completely get rid of the habit to get distracted by all kinds of things unrelated to your current task. Yes, you will have to do this for the rest of your life. Yes, that’s right, you will have to fight procrastination for as long as you live. Otherwise, your lazy mind will win and you’ll become a slave to your own dalliance.

When procrastination becomes a real issue, don’t cut yourself any slack. While sometimes it may seem like contacting some writing service instead of writing an important paper is a good idea, you will gain much more by teaching yourself to work every day.


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