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Ghanaian girl under fire on twitter for saying these about her boyfriend & girls


A Ghanaian girl was criticized on twitter especially by girls for saying that she will not have problem with her boyfriend if he cheats on her.

“My boyfriend can cheat on me, I honestly don’t have a problem.

The only problem l would have is finding out myself and not him telling me.

Why do you think guys who have shagged so many girls are called MVPs and girls whores?

A guy can love you and have bitches. It is very normal. You just have to know your place and stay there and not bring your level to theirs but because you didn’t respect yourself and him as a whole and a union. But it doesn’t justify him doing same either.

It is very disrespectful for you as a lady to open your legs for another guy when in a not because he’s your husband because I understand that is their nature, just as how it is in the nature of girls to gossip and be petty

We can have a threesome if he wants, I’d do the picking, whatever he wants, I’d do.

Forget gender equality and what you know. The society, our society even frowns on a woman with multiple partners.

A guy has nothing to lose when he’s cheating but you as a girl, got a reputation and an extra inch in vaginal size to lose if you cheat , l’m notjustifying the fact that it is OK for guys to cheat and not girls to cheat. But look at it from this side of the story.”

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