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Funsho Adeolu Reveals Why Yoruba Actors Don’t Have Six-Packs

Funsho Adeolu Reveals Why Yoruba Actors Don’t Have Six-Packs

Popular Nigerian actor, Funsho Adeolu, has revealed why Yoruba actors don’t have six-packs and why their English-speaking counterparts do.

In a chat with The Punch, the actor disclosed that most English-speaking actors have six-packs because they are not really actors but models, however, most Yoruba actors don’t have these well-toned bodies because they are always busy.

His words: “They have a lot of time to do exercises. They are models and not really actors; I am not joking. A busy actor would only think of his health and do the normal exercise to keep fit. What am I using a six-pack for? I want to dress and be seen as a role model.

“In the Yoruba-speaking movie setting, when you get to a particular age, you would not be given the role of a small boy so I do not need a six-pack. By the time you keep a six-pack, it gets to a point where it turns to a nonsense pack because they would not use it again. The only thing is to live a healthy life.

“When you see that you are getting obese, work on it. I used to be a model but I did not have a six-pack. I learnt taekwondo as well. I am not saying having a six-pack is bad or that it is bad to look nice. If I have to take a picture, I can easily tuck in my tummy.

“I started from the English-speaking genre and then came to the Yoruba-speaking part of the industry. I am more comfortable with the Yoruba-speaking sector of the industry because I learn a lot here. In the English-speaking sector, I do not learn anything.”



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