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Ebuka Agbada: Stop Wasting your Time on Social Media – Man Blast Nigerians

Ebuka Uchendu Agbada

A man, Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri has come hard on Nigerians on social media discussing about the viral photo of Agbada, Ebuka wore to Banky W’s traditional wedding over the weekend.

He advises Nigerians on social media to do something meaningful with their time rather than gossiping about other people.


“I have followed with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment the ongoing debate in the social media on the true worth of Ebuka Uchendu’s N250,000 agbada by one Monye.

“Amusment because Nigerians “sabi” break dia heads and burn their data over nothing. Bewilderment on why people cannot mind their own businesses and aspire to be the best in their chosen fields of endeavour.


“To be honest, that agbada was tastefully done. The first thing that caught my attention was the beauty of the design and its fittings on the person that adorned it. Immediately, I saw it, the first thing I did was to save it and forward it via whats app to my “Capenter” based in Owerri (Ezenta).

“Sincerely, I love excellence. I love excellent people and crafts men. The Monye guy , who did that Uchendu agbada is an excellent designer. He is an epitome of what I have always preached and demanded of our youths……always aspire to be excellent and the best in whatever you do.

“There is also what we call packaging. It is not in doubt that we have over 1001 designers in Aba or Onitsha , who can do such an excellent Agbada or even better. It is also not in doubt that the Monye guy may have done the Agbada and dressed Ebuka Uchendu for free (so that he can help him to do free advert) and then put the price tag of N250,000 on it to use it to lure other very wealthy Nigerians, who might like it to patronize him and pay that price tag or more. See guys, there are folks , who can cough out N1million for the same agbada that some people are screaming is too expensive at N250k.


“When you are excellent at what you do, people will pay top premium price to buy what you sell. Have you asked yourself why a sane man will cough out $450million/N162.9billion to buy an art work because it was done by Da Vinci. But will not agree to pay $50/N18,1000 for perhaps a better art work done under obelende bridge. There is what is called credibility, integrity, excellence and brand worth.

“RATHER THAN waste your energy, time and resources discussing the propriety or otherwise of the N250,000 Ebuka’s agbada, kindly devote such times, resources and energy perfecting your own arts, crafts, profession and occupation to be excellent and the best at what you do. The scripture says…”Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men”… Proverb 22:29

“That Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA received, $5000 for 5 hours to facilitate new forex policy implications training workshop for the personnels of a top law firm in Lagos, does not mean that a former CBN governor may not receive ten times the same amount for the same assigment or that you will receive 1/10 of what I received.

Face your lane and be the best at what you do. Finito”


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