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8 Ways To Cure Hangover Naturally in 30 Minutes

While there is one sure way to avoid a hangover (not drinking), many of us still imbibe.  And as always, end up with the worst hangovers that make us state categorically that we would not drink again.


If this is you lot in life right now, here are some home remedies you can use to cure that hangover. ​

  1. Water is your friend

The more you drink the more dehydrated you will be. It is therefore recommended that you drink water while you are drinking alcohol.  If you bypass this rule, you will wake groggy the next day.

The best thing is water is the solution if you experience this. Drink water to hydrate and flush the impurities from your system.

  1. Drink other fluid

Water is not enough. You need to get back the electrolytes lost. Recommended drinks include coconut water, sports drinks and Bouillon soup that will restore the potassium and salt you lost.

  1. Grease up in advance

Taking a spoonful of olive oil or eating your favourite pizza before the party will help grease up your intestines. This will make it harder for alcohol to be absorbed.


  1. Eat Sugar as you drink

As you sip your favourite alcoholic drink, eat sugar.  Fructose will metabolise faster thus reducing the risk of a hangover. So, order a glass of orange juice between those cocktails.

  1. Eat up the morning after

Besides hydration, eating is one sure way to get rid of a hangover. Fill up with a meals such as toast and cereal the morning after as this will definitely help as they are easy to digest.

  1. Nibble on Ginger

Ginger has a wide range of benefits. Top of all is its ability to decrease nausea and vomiting. So after a night of drinking, try nibbling ginger or a combination of ginger and tangerine pith.

  1. Try the prickly pear cactus

The prickly pear cactus is believed to reduce a severe hangover by 50%. You only need to take it five hours before you drink.

  1. Sleep it away

While a hangover is not caused by the lack of sleep, but sleeping away will help to reduce it. It is also a perfect way for the body to heal itself.


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