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5 Dirty pictures that will clear your dirty mind

Did i say 5 dirty pictures? Oops sorry i meant optical illusions that will have you starring at the screen for hours. You’ll have to look twice to realize that these snsps are really much innocent than you first thought.


5.At first glance this looks like it could be an explicit sexual act.
But once your eyes have gotten over the shock you realise that it’s actually quite touching.

What the pic really shows is a child’s hand gripped around an adult’s thumb.

kneeling down
4. The photographer behind this black-and-white portrait wasn’t thinking it’d come out like this.
Because of the angle you’d easily think that this was a glamour shot although you’d be mistaken.

The gorgeous girl is kneeling down and not putting her breasts on show.

woman swimming

3. A close-up look at this snap seems as though it would belong on an adult website.
Although this woman’s bikini hasn’t gone missing and those aren’t her bare boobs.

Guess what, That’s her kneecaps.

pink trousers

2. You’d be forgiven for thinking this shopaholic accidentally forgot her trousers before going out.

But that just proves you have a rude mind and couldn’t tell that she’s wearing some skintight nude leggings.

friends partying

1. This group of mates thought they were just snapping a friendly shot, but they probably got more than they bargained for when they saw the outcome.

It looks as though two of the girls are posing in a rather compromising position, but really one lady has just slung her leg over her friend’s knee.


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