(GRAPHIC) Prostitute chops off man’s pen!s after payment dispute

(GRAPHIC) Prostitute chops off man’s pen!s after payment dispute
prostitute fight
A commercial sex worker has chopped off the genitals of a 31-year-old man.

The victim, is alleged to have picked up the commercial sex worker along the streets on Monday at around 4pm and taken her to his room. They later failed to agree on payment leading to the unfortunate incident.

The Chief Stephen Macharia of free Area said a member of the Nyumba Kumi initiative and a taxi driver informed him of the incident through a phone call.
Mr Macharia told the taxi driver to take the victim to hospital but he passed by his office. The chief said the victim was relaxing on his bed after sex when the incident happened.

“The victim told me that he picked the woman from the streets but unfortunately they did not agree on payment in exchange for sex only for her to attack him with a sharp knife,” Macharia said.

The man was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Nakuru where he is recovering while the woman went missing.

The victim’s mother said it was unfortunate for his son to undergo such pain at the hands of a woman she did not even know.

The victim’s mother said: “I received a phone call from my sister informing me that my son had been stabbed, but she did not explain under which circumstances.”

Her hopes of seeing her son marry a respected woman and raise a happy family according to the Gikuyu culture are all but dashed.

“I have never seen or witnessed such an act apart from hearing it from media. Now it has happened to my son. It is sad because I wanted to see him raise a happy family to continue with our family lineage,” said the mother.

The victim’s aunt said she was informed of the incident by a neighbour and rushed to the house only to be met with blood on floor of the house while her nephew cried for help.

“Being a woman, my nephew did not explain to me what transpired but I was shocked the house was full of blood including his clothing. He however called the taxi driver who rushed him to the hospital,” she said.
The taxi driver said he went to the house immediately after the incident and found the victim writhing in pain.

He said the victim confided in him that his genitals had been chopped off and placed in a black paper bag.

“He was in deep pain when I found him in the house. He said that a woman, ‘Mungu Leta’ (God given) whom he picked from the streets had chopped off his manhood,” he said.

A Gender Violence Recovery Centre officer, Angela Gwaro, said the patient was unconscious when he was admitted.
man in hospital bed
Ms Gwaro said the case was an emergency and on being received, he was rushed to theatre for surgical debridement (removal of dead tissue from a wound). “The patient was received bleeding excessively after his private parts were chopped off. He was taken to theatre and his condition has been stabilised,” she said.

She added that a urologist was still observing the patient and would find a solution to enable him to excrete even though his manhood is completely detached.

The local administration recovered two knives with blood stains in the victim’s house. Macharia said a manhunt for the woman had been launched.


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