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Russ – Don’t Fall For It

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Russ Don't Fall For It

Russ Don’t Fall For It, Russ kicks knowledge for the youth. And in this day in age of social media, he preaches not everything you see posted is in real life. New album coming soon.

Promotin’ lean but they save it for the you type artist (ha)
“Do what a I say, not as I do” type artist
Y’all are locus, poisonin’ the youth for clicks
What’s your addiction got to do with always postin’ it?
Smilin’, playin’ games, makin’ skits, makin’ jokes wit it
But you can’t say you opposed to it if you constantly promotin’ it
Y’all just the grams’ drug abusers and how-to’s, y’all condonin’ it
How you gonna say you car about the youth, but you constantly corrodin’ it?
Now I won’t say that you’re facadin’ the pain
But you definitely postin’ drugs as a marketing game
You targeting fame, you can fool the youth, but not me
You raisin’ the next generation of addicts on IG
I promise you, that’s not the very promisin’ you
You hate the truth, that’s why the truth is botherin’ you
I know, your drugs get more like than your music does
Thats why you post more drugs than your own music, huh?

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Russ – Don’t Fall For It mp3 download

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