K Camp – Top 5 (“Taste” Freestyle)

K Camp - Top 5 (Taste Freestyle)

’s “Taste” is the surprise hit of the summer, largely because of the incredible D.A. Doman beat’s infectious vocal sample. admittedly did his thing on the instrumental, but it also leaves plenty of room for others to try out their own flows.

is the latest rapper to turn in a freestyle over the beat, and as someone who’s always had a knack for catchy hooks and rhythms, he floats over the R&B-infused track.

Following his big singles a few years back, K Camp has hit something of an underrated streak. Like Tyga, he seems destined to have a big comeback in the near future, and on this track he sounds prepared.

After expressing frustration with certain platforms not posting his music, he reveals that he has a daughter on the way and has big plans for the immediate future. He’s defiant but focused, and always in the pocket.

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